My 2014 notebook

It’s almost 2014. Officially the first week of 2014 today. That means that I can finally use my new diary. This year I’ve chosen the weekplanner of Flow Magazine (again). I’ve hesitated between Moleskine and Flow. I chose Flow because it’s almost the same as the Moleskine one I wanted, but with pretty pictures and frills. I don’t mind that the diary is big. I write a lot and I always carry a bigger handbag.

I think this is the best Flow diary so far. It is a weekly notebook, with on the left space for your diary appointments and on the right enough space to write, draw and droodle something. Especially handy for to do lists and my intention to blog regularly and finally promote my blog. The illustrations and all the paper extras are created by Aiko Fukawa, she’s a real genious when it comes to paper art. If you like to see more of her work, you can visit her website here.


Flow created a video for a better look of the 2014 diary. You can find it here.


Intimate Christmas breakfast

breakfast 2_bewerkt-1Goodmorning world,

I’m enjoying an intimate breakfast for 2 this Christmas morning. I’ve decorated the table and put a lovely breakfast for me and my PIL. May you have a lovely Christmas.

breakfast 1_bewerkt-1


I got a card from a postcrosser from Russia, and….  it’s a Choo Choo cat postcards. Woohoo! Though I stayed home the past few days because I’m feeling a bit under the weather, but because of this lovely card I’m feeling much better. So much that I got up behind the computer and blog about it.

choo choo_bewerkt-1

I know I can buy all the Choo Choo cat postcards myself, but that’s not part of the fun. I really really appreciate it more if postcrossers from all around the world give me one, with a written message and a beautiful stamp. (Beautiful stamp is only optional, because I don’t collect stamps.)

So far I only have 5 Choo Choo cat postcards, 4 from direct swap and 1 just arrived, from a lovely 9-year old girl from Russia who loves dancing and singing. Girl, you just made me dancing and singing too with your card.

For those of you who’s not familiar with Choo Choo or Postcrossing, you can visit the websites For Choo Choo (created by Jetoy Design, click here). You can visit the website of Postcrossing here. Jump into my Postcrossing profile here.

2 Little Dogs

2 little dogs“Do you mind if I take a picture of your 2 lovely dogs?” I asked the owner.

The owner smirked. “No, not at all. Please help yourself. Our dogs are used to it. Actually, they’re waiting for you to take that picture, so they can strike a pose.”

What a cuties, I thought, when I looked into their hopeful and curious eyes. And just when I about to take out my camera, they sat up right, with their nose in position, striking a pose. Can 2 dogs even get more adorable?