Morning Journals

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Ever since I’ve read Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’, I started with morning journals. Morning journals are a diary-styled written composition that I must do every morning, before I do anything else. As soon as I wake up, I’m supposed to write 3 pages with everything that comes out of my heart and my mind. ‘Cause between sleeping and waking up is the best time to write from the heart, as Miss Julia claimed. I’m writing for several months now. At first it was hard, but soon I got the hang of it. It’s just that I’m not really a morning person, and to think that it adds up 30 more minutes in my morning rituals is not really something I like to think about. On the bright sight: it’s kinda relaxing. I feel like it’s a form of meditating. And besides, I finally have a great purpose for my notebook collection.

journaling 2_bewerkt-1As you all can see I have a soft spot for pretty stationary, especially notebooks. But I’m careful not to buy very expensive notebooks. As Geertje Couwenbergh, my writing guru from the book ‘Zin, lust in je leven door te schrijven’ (transl: sense, lust in your life by writing), warned me that if you have very expensive and too pretty notebooks, you’re saving it for ‘brilliant writing stuff’ that  probably will never come. In other words: I won’t use it, because I would consider it too valuable. So I bought mine at local drugstores, typical ‘dollarstores’ and groceries. In the Netherlands I buy notebooks at stores such as Tiger DK, Xenos, Kruidvat, Action and ofcourse Hema. But occasionally – if it’s on sale – I treat myself for stationary at Paperchase or the local warehouse such as V&D and Bijenkorf, and even online.

Behind the scenes shots: my cat Chelsea decided that he should be the center of my photography

Chelsea decided to act like a model with his modeling behaviour

Chelsea decided to act like a model with his modeling behaviour

I don’t use my notebooks for the sole purpose of morning journals. Every page is a blank canvas for me to create things that’s coming out of my mind and my heart. I do have journals for the purpose of quotes (in 2012 I wrote a quote every day), for one sentence-diaries, for writing and drawing idea’s for DIY and crafts, and inspirational journals. And if any of my writings are a possible novel material, I tag it with post-it notes. Because it is my secret wish to ever write a book, preferably a children’s book with my own illustration.

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If you’re interested to learn more about ‘The Artist’s Way’, and about Julia Cameron, you can find it here.

The book “Zin” by Geertje Couwenbergh is – as far as I know – only in Dutch available.


My 2014 notebook

It’s almost 2014. Officially the first week of 2014 today. That means that I can finally use my new diary. This year I’ve chosen the weekplanner of Flow Magazine (again). I’ve hesitated between Moleskine and Flow. I chose Flow because it’s almost the same as the Moleskine one I wanted, but with pretty pictures and frills. I don’t mind that the diary is big. I write a lot and I always carry a bigger handbag.

I think this is the best Flow diary so far. It is a weekly notebook, with on the left space for your diary appointments and on the right enough space to write, draw and droodle something. Especially handy for to do lists and my intention to blog regularly and finally promote my blog. The illustrations and all the paper extras are created by Aiko Fukawa, she’s a real genious when it comes to paper art. If you like to see more of her work, you can visit her website here.


Flow created a video for a better look of the 2014 diary. You can find it here.