Showing off Miss Teapot

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A few months ago I was complaining that I didn’t have a showcase for my teapot collection. Well… it’s not really complaining – but ‘pointing out’ is the best word. In my grandmother’s cabinet – in my living room – I have put some of my teapot collection, but that cabinet has closed doors. I’m a visual girl, so glass doors are what I need.

Since our kitchen is very narrow, I can’t fit a regular showcase in it. An average showcase is at least 40 cm deep. And the one I want is 50 cm deep. It’s not the most preferable size for a showcase in my kitchen. Of course I can buy a new cabinet with glass doors, but the truth is that I have a very small living- and dining area and little space for a cabinet.

So I put two bookcases from Ikea (Billy, ofcourse) that I already had from the attic to the kitchen area, with the glass doors especially made for Billy. But the bookcases were colored wenge, and that will make our kitchen area very dark. So I paint it white. I covered the back of the bookcases with a turquoise-colored wallpaper, with images of pink roses and birds. The best part is that I already have these furnitures in my house. I only invested in the white paint and in the time. I have owned all the other stuff already.

The result is a showcase that is only 30 cm deep, but now I can put all my teapot collection (and other kitchen stuff) in it.

Ima's World Showing off Miss Teapot

Ima's World Showing off Miss Teapot 2