My 2014 notebook

It’s almost 2014. Officially the first week of 2014 today. That means that I can finally use my new diary. This year I’ve chosen the weekplanner of Flow Magazine (again). I’ve hesitated between Moleskine and Flow. I chose Flow because it’s almost the same as the Moleskine one I wanted, but with pretty pictures and frills. I don’t mind that the diary is big. I write a lot and I always carry a bigger handbag.

I think this is the best Flow diary so far. It is a weekly notebook, with on the left space for your diary appointments and on the right enough space to write, draw and droodle something. Especially handy for to do lists and my intention to blog regularly and finally promote my blog. The illustrations and all the paper extras are created by Aiko Fukawa, she’s a real genious when it comes to paper art. If you like to see more of her work, you can visit her website here.


Flow created a video for a better look of the 2014 diary. You can find it here.