Happy New Year – Happy Memories

Hello world,

happy 2014_bewerkt-1

Photo: Sebastian Müller – Blurred Lines via unsplash.com

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy new year. As I always say: ‘life is about creating yourself’. So let’s make some happy memories.

I know we will be faced with a lot of challenges and difficulties in life. Disappointments, setbacks, frustrations and maybe lost. Sadly, that’s life. And as a wise man once said to me:

“Success is getting what you want, but happiness is wanting what you get in life”

That’s why I count my blessings. And so I create this jar with happy memories in 2014. Every time an event, experience or a person makes me smile or truly happy, I will write it on a piece of paper and put this in a jar. Hopefully, at the end of 2014, this jar will be filled with a lot of happy memories. I’ve written the first note already: spending New Year’s eve with my PIL and friends.

HAPPY MEMORIES_bewerkt-1It is a simple jar where once coffee was stored. With a cake coaster, ribbons and other frillies I decorated the jar. I know this idea is not new. I’ve seen lots of these jars in Pinterest and bloglands everywhere, but it is now new to me, worth to try. So what kind of memories to put in?

  • goal achievements;
  • an activity of a bucket list done;
  • blessings;
  • the beauty of life;
  • the name of a person that you’ve known better this year;
  • happy tears-moments

And to end that, I want to quote Neil Gaiman, as I intend to live its words.

"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art (write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can) and somewhere in the next year, I hope you surprise yourself." - Neil Gaiman

Picture is from creativeeveryday.com via Pinterest.


Flow: book for paperlovers

I have an addiction. An addiction in paper. I love stationary. I love patterns. I adore graphic designs. And illustrations are my guilty pleasure. I love everything that’s crafted with and from paper. I love crafting with paper, painting with paper and decorating with paper. So I was looking forward to get the ‘Book for paper lovers’ by Flow Magazine, a Flow special to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the magazine.  And finally, they just delivered it. Thank you Mr. Postman! The result of the ‘book’ is amazing. There’s only very little text, but lots and lots of paper goodies. A pop-up illustration, writing papers and envelopes, postcards, stickers, diorama, halyard and other paper craft projects.

paperlovers 1

Clockwise: Helen Dardik, Studio Ping, artist unknown, (probably) Geertje Aalders

Clockwise: Helen Dardik, Studio Ping, artist unknown, (probably) Geertje Aalders

I am so happy to see that Helen Dardik contributed in this Flow special. She’s one of my favorite illustrators. Her artwork is amazing. Her colorful illustrations really brighten my day. You can visit her website here and her Etsy webshop here.

Posters to frame

Posters to frame

DIY projects such as upcycling a matchbox

DIY projects such as upcycling a matchbox

Even a lovely pop-up

Even a lovely pop-up

DIY peepbox by Ruby Taylor

DIY peepbox by Ruby Taylor

For those of you who are not familiar with Flow Magazine: it’s an inspiring and positively orientated magazine for paper lovers, full with beautiful illustrations and images from nowadays designers and artists from long time ago. The items published in the magazine can be summarized into 4 themes: ‘Feel Connected’, ‘Live Mindfully’, ‘Spoil Yourself’ and ‘Simplify Life’. And in each magazine there’s two or more small paper gifts, such as posters, postcards, notebook or calendar. 4 times a year they publish a Flow special with much more papergifts. You can visit the website here.

Merry Christmas

I’ve been busy with crafting some Christmas cards. There are a lot of beautiful ideas on the web. My Pinterest almost blows up from all the pretty pictures and thousands of ideas.

I’ve decided to create an extra special card for our cat- and housesitters during our vacation. I’ve made this card from a piece of greenish postcard paper, a lot of buttons, a lot of glitters and scrap paper. The result is a glittery, over-the-top Christmas card.

Christmas card buttons

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Crochet a tea set

Chroceted tea set Imasworld_1

Ain’t this crocheted tea set lovely? My mother in law made this especially for me, because I can’t crochet and knit (poor me). We got the pattern from the magazine called ‘Hobby Handig’ (hobbyhandig.nl) in the february issue of 2012.

This lovely tea set is in my brand new showcase now, but I’m not sure if I want to keep it there. This nice tea set is worth seeing in a more central area. But then again, for now it will do and it can keep my other tea sets company.

Chroceted tea set Imasworld_2

Meet Alice

Work in progress

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.

“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”

(Lewis Carroll (1865) Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 6)

Last lazy Sunday afternoon project: pimping an old and ugly teapot with fabric. I got the idea from the book ‘Everything Alice: the Wonderland book of makes and bakes’ by Hannah Read-Baldry and Christine Leech.

The book contains lots of arts and craft projects and recipes based on Lewis Carrol’s most beloved book, such as a cupcake sewing box, Mad Hatter Hats, March Hare tea cosy, Cheshire Cat-sandwiches and giant macarons. I intend to create a lot of these projects, starting from the fabric-coated teapot turned flowerpot

The instruction in the book suggests to use universal glue to apply the fabric on it’s surface. The problem with the teapot I chose is that it’s made of vitreous enamel. The result is that the fabric hardly stick to the surface. So I applied super glue at the tips of the fabric. Later, after I have done some research, I found out that Mod Podge is actually the best choice to work with. Or you can first paint the material with a base coat and then glue the fabric bars.

Teapot before

Teapot after

At first, I’m not really satisfied with the result, because I’m a perfectionist (something I have to let go).  But after two days I decided I shouldn’t be too hard on myself: after all vitreous enamel is a difficult material to work with.

If you want to pimp your own teapot, you need to have a fabric of aproximately 20”x20”. The other requirements are ofcourse a teapot, scissors, Mod Podge (or any other glue you like to work with), paintbrush (or any other applying material for the glue you choose) and varnish. Cut the fabric in bars of 2”x4”, glue it and apply on the surface.

Book image Everything Alice: fabric-coated teapot turned flowerpot

You can even pimp old furniture with fabric instead of paint. Use wallpaper glue instead of universal glue or Mod Podge.

Book image Everything Alice: fabric-coated furniture

Image of some of the loveliest creations of the book ‘Everything Alice’:

Book Image Everything Alice: dressing up Alice and White Rabbit

Book Image Everything Alice:
Left: the white rabbit-teddy.
Right: Teatime jewelry styled in a miniature dollhouse

PS: the site of Hannah and Christine provides some wonderful work of others with their own Alice creations. Just go to http://www.everythingalice.co.uk/ and click on the menu ‘Your Alice’.

Diapercakes and Take-Away baby food

Exactly one month ago a dear colleague of mine have had her first babygirl. It’s just happened that today I’m going to visit the little baby and her mum, ofcourse I can’t come emptyhanded. So I decided to make a diapercake for her. I know that the new mama will appreciate gifts that are useful. But if you wrap it in a special way, the gift itself will become more special too, in my opinion. If you haven’t heard of diapercakes before, then here is a description. I rolled some diapers together, until I have 3 round creations – one bigger than the other – and then I put it on top of the other, just like a cake. Then I decorated the ‘cake’ with ribbons, stickers, small gifts and anything that I have in stock. Wrapped in cellophane foil and decorate it with ribbons and you have a very cool gift for a babyshower or maternity visit.

I have taken very cool pictures of my gift, but unfortunately I erased the pictures (/slaps myself). So I can’t show you the pictures. However, two months ago, when my colleague left for a maternity leave, I have treated her with a diaper cake and other gifts as well. Luckily I still have these pictures.

diaper cake made by Ima's WorldAs I said before: I love to giftwrap things in a special way. This one is actually a washing-powder that I wrapped in an old Chinese Newspaper. I love Chinese, Japanese and Arabian newspapers for their beautiful typography. Again I decorated it with other beautiful and colorful papers and ribbons, and a very small note. Yes, I gave her a neutral washing-powder, because when it comes to babies, you can’t have enough washing-powders, right? 

I have bought jars of babyfood and put it in a Thai take-out box that I cut and fold myself. Then I printed a ‘logo’ of a fictional take-away restaurant wich I named ‘The Baby Food Factory’ and paste it on the take-out box. I googled an image for this label, so it’s not my own creation. The cutting and folding of the boxes took most of my time.

For a take-out box you need an iron wire for the grip. But I didn’t have iron wires. Instead I made a grip out of ribbons. It added a fun and colorful touch.

If you want to make these take-out boxes yourself, Mirkwood Designs provides a very good template and a good instruction.