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One of the greatest things in The Hague is the museum of children’s books. Especially until 31st of August there’s an exhibition of Thé Tjong-Khing, a famous Dutch (and Indonesian originated) illustrator, known for his wonderful children’s book illustrations. And … Continue reading

Ikea PS Collection contest

What I just read in the magazine of VTWonen (kinda like the magazine ‘Ideal Homes’) is a contest of your favourite Ikea PS Collection. The prize is that you can win a giftcard of Ikea, but if you’re one of the first 250 uploaders, you can win a special digital Ikea camera.

Ikea Knappa photocamera

Ikea Knappa photocamera

Well, I’m in. I just uploaded the only Ikea PS items I have in the house: the vases of Hella Jongerius. It’s in my hallway among my birddecoration.

I just couldn’t decide which one of the photo’s I’m going to publish.

Or this one?

Photo #2

This one?

or a detailed photo?

or a detailed photo?

Just one vase?

Just one vase?

Finally I chose this one below, because it’s the most complete image.

At this photo one of my cat just jumped into the hallway and ‘ruined’ the picture. Well, some might say he ruined the picture, but I say he gave it an extra dimension to the picture 😉

full hallway picture with cat in motion

I don’t know if I’m going to win the main prize, but that camera’s mine!

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65 years and still kickin’

She adores hats, but refused to wear a triangle party hat.

Yesterday my mum’s birthday. We held her birthday bash in my sister’s restaurant. I have made a cake with yellow and creamy orange roses (she loves yellow roses, that’s why). My hand is aching because I have to mould and color the marzipan by hand. That’s right, I don’t have equipment for that, because I don’t decorate cakes a lot. So at the end of the day I could not see another marzipan rose anymore.

I have to admit, it may not be the worlds most beautiful cake, but I made it with love and patience. And the cake was yummee: everyone liked it.

yup, two cakes with lots of roses.

The yellow rice – made and decorated by my aunt, is a tradition. The birthday girl need to cut the top of the rice and give it to the eldest guest, out of respect.

And what is an Indian birthday party without food? My mum's pride and joy.

And what is an Indian birthday party without food? My mum’s pride and joy.


And ofcourse the give-away, spekkoek, my mums’ speciality

After the party, all the guests received my mum’s speciality as a give-away: spekkoek. Spekkoek is a Dutch-Indonesian layered cake and contains spices such as  cinnamon, anice, clove and mace. It is a labour-intensive cake, so it’s only made and served during special occasions. But that’s another story.