Intimate Christmas breakfast

breakfast 2_bewerkt-1Goodmorning world,

I’m enjoying an intimate breakfast for 2 this Christmas morning. I’ve decorated the table and put a lovely breakfast for me and my PIL. May you have a lovely Christmas.

breakfast 1_bewerkt-1


Early Christmas Vibes

In the Netherlands it can be considered a sacrilege if you decorate your house with Christmas decoration before the typical Dutch festivities of ‘Sinterklaas’ is over. Traditionally, it’s only from 6th of December till (the very least) 6th of January. Basically: if you wave the saintly Sinterklaas goodbye on December 5, the day after you may decorate your house in Christmas style.

I broke with that tradition, since I don’t celebrate Sinterklaas (no small children in my life and no celebrations with friends this year). I have visited a Christmas country fair today and bought some pretty Christmas decorations. But I didn’t feel like keeping it in the attick until the 6th of December. So after the fair my house kinda looked like a winter wonderland. Ah well, not that extravaganza look, since it’s only a few items on the side-table and in my ‘branch tree’. But this year my PIL and I want to celebrate Christmas someplace else, I’m not going the whole nine yard with decorating. But it looks so pretty!!!

The Christmas country fair itself was amazing. It was in the garden of Castle ‘de Haar’ in Harmelen, a small village just 30 minutes of cycling from where I live. And of course we took the opportunity to visit the castle itself. It’s a shame taking photo’s inside the castle is not allowed, but I assure you: it sure is pretty. (Again that word ‘pretty’, for the lack of a better word, at least a word that I know of).

Christmas decorations 2

This will make a lovely and easy DIY for Christmas tables

Christmas decorations 1

Look at that little angel on the right, isn’t it cute?


I wish I have such a vintage sleigh, it will look lovely in my backyard.

I bought this beautiful centerpiece whenever I feel like having a minimalistic white and silver Christmas

I bought this beautiful centerpiece whenever I feel like having a minimalistic white and silver Christmas

Go classic.  Red is still my favourite Christmas colour.

Go classic.
Red is still my favorite Christmas color.