Things I love this week – beds to dream in

As seen and pinned in pinterest, a beautiful wooden boat turned into a dreamy bed. I got the image from, but tbh I don’t know if he/she is the real source. If you are the real source, please inform me, so I can adjust.

In this romantic outdoor canopy bed I can imagine being a mermaid chatting with dolphins and tickling seahorses.

I love the eco style of stylist Hans Blomqvist. Especially this bed. So simple, yet playful and elegant. I’ve seen it in the great blog of puregreendesign.

And oh my gosh, this fourposter bed is so awesome. If I sleep in here, I kinda feel like a little woodnymph or Lady Galadriel, the forest elf from Lord of the Rings. This bed is called ‘Under the Apple Tree Canopy Bed’ by atilladesigns. A bit over my budget, but so lovely.

Again with this lovely, Asian-style bed. I don’t know what the real source is, so please feel free to inform me.

Sleeping in a hammock. Tried that once, in my teenage years, when I decorated my bedroom in a flower-shop theme, with a hammock instead of a bed. It can’t replace a real bed though, but ah… doesn’t it look lovely? I got this image via myscandinavianhome, photography by Pia Ulin, styling by Lotta Agaton.