Things I love – romantic moodboards

Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 1 Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 2 Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 3Ever since we have our new kitchen, the slightly rural romantic style that we had is gone. Our new kitchen is modern and minimalistic, yet a bit romantic and bold because of the XL-sized images of pink/purple orchids. I got this great kitchen wall from ‘’. And I gotta say: the blow-up version of these purple orchids really set the tone.

In this picture from ‘’ you can see the image more clearly (it’s the one with the white background, I chose white because our kitchen is rather dark and I can use all the help I can get catching the rare daylight).


So with a very modern high gloss white kitchen unit – and the rest of the furniture all white and a bit pink/purple – it is time for a make-over in my living room. So I’m thinking of romantic minimalism, with a palette of white, lightgrey, a dash of shocking pink and light turquoise. And okay, enough ‘manly’ touches for my PIL (Partner in Love) to enjoy the house too :).

It just so happens that I’ve found this website ( Although it’s a blog about wedding inspiration, I do love their moodboards so much. Even though they’re meant to be moodboards for different wedding themes, there’s no reason I can’t use it as an inspiration for my house, right? So far I’ve collected 3 moodboards which I think are minimalistic romantic. But then again, there are tons of moodboards.




Picture number 4 is from  All moodboards are from