Intimate Christmas breakfast

breakfast 2_bewerkt-1Goodmorning world,

I’m enjoying an intimate breakfast for 2 this Christmas morning. I’ve decorated the table and put a lovely breakfast for me and my PIL. May you have a lovely Christmas.

breakfast 1_bewerkt-1


Early Christmas Vibes

In the Netherlands it can be considered a sacrilege if you decorate your house with Christmas decoration before the typical Dutch festivities of ‘Sinterklaas’ is over. Traditionally, it’s only from 6th of December till (the very least) 6th of January. Basically: if you wave the saintly Sinterklaas goodbye on December 5, the day after you may decorate your house in Christmas style.

I broke with that tradition, since I don’t celebrate Sinterklaas (no small children in my life and no celebrations with friends this year). I have visited a Christmas country fair today and bought some pretty Christmas decorations. But I didn’t feel like keeping it in the attick until the 6th of December. So after the fair my house kinda looked like a winter wonderland. Ah well, not that extravaganza look, since it’s only a few items on the side-table and in my ‘branch tree’. But this year my PIL and I want to celebrate Christmas someplace else, I’m not going the whole nine yard with decorating. But it looks so pretty!!!

The Christmas country fair itself was amazing. It was in the garden of Castle ‘de Haar’ in Harmelen, a small village just 30 minutes of cycling from where I live. And of course we took the opportunity to visit the castle itself. It’s a shame taking photo’s inside the castle is not allowed, but I assure you: it sure is pretty. (Again that word ‘pretty’, for the lack of a better word, at least a word that I know of).

Christmas decorations 2

This will make a lovely and easy DIY for Christmas tables

Christmas decorations 1

Look at that little angel on the right, isn’t it cute?


I wish I have such a vintage sleigh, it will look lovely in my backyard.

I bought this beautiful centerpiece whenever I feel like having a minimalistic white and silver Christmas

I bought this beautiful centerpiece whenever I feel like having a minimalistic white and silver Christmas

Go classic.  Red is still my favourite Christmas colour.

Go classic.
Red is still my favorite Christmas color.

Things I love this week – beds to dream in

As seen and pinned in pinterest, a beautiful wooden boat turned into a dreamy bed. I got the image from, but tbh I don’t know if he/she is the real source. If you are the real source, please inform me, so I can adjust.

In this romantic outdoor canopy bed I can imagine being a mermaid chatting with dolphins and tickling seahorses.

I love the eco style of stylist Hans Blomqvist. Especially this bed. So simple, yet playful and elegant. I’ve seen it in the great blog of puregreendesign.

And oh my gosh, this fourposter bed is so awesome. If I sleep in here, I kinda feel like a little woodnymph or Lady Galadriel, the forest elf from Lord of the Rings. This bed is called ‘Under the Apple Tree Canopy Bed’ by atilladesigns. A bit over my budget, but so lovely.

Again with this lovely, Asian-style bed. I don’t know what the real source is, so please feel free to inform me.

Sleeping in a hammock. Tried that once, in my teenage years, when I decorated my bedroom in a flower-shop theme, with a hammock instead of a bed. It can’t replace a real bed though, but ah… doesn’t it look lovely? I got this image via myscandinavianhome, photography by Pia Ulin, styling by Lotta Agaton.

Crochet a tea set

Chroceted tea set Imasworld_1

Ain’t this crocheted tea set lovely? My mother in law made this especially for me, because I can’t crochet and knit (poor me). We got the pattern from the magazine called ‘Hobby Handig’ ( in the february issue of 2012.

This lovely tea set is in my brand new showcase now, but I’m not sure if I want to keep it there. This nice tea set is worth seeing in a more central area. But then again, for now it will do and it can keep my other tea sets company.

Chroceted tea set Imasworld_2

Showing off Miss Teapot

All you need is tea and warm socks postcard from Vtwonen

Funny postcard from

A few months ago I was complaining that I didn’t have a showcase for my teapot collection. Well… it’s not really complaining – but ‘pointing out’ is the best word. In my grandmother’s cabinet – in my living room – I have put some of my teapot collection, but that cabinet has closed doors. I’m a visual girl, so glass doors are what I need.

Since our kitchen is very narrow, I can’t fit a regular showcase in it. An average showcase is at least 40 cm deep. And the one I want is 50 cm deep. It’s not the most preferable size for a showcase in my kitchen. Of course I can buy a new cabinet with glass doors, but the truth is that I have a very small living- and dining area and little space for a cabinet.

So I put two bookcases from Ikea (Billy, ofcourse) that I already had from the attic to the kitchen area, with the glass doors especially made for Billy. But the bookcases were colored wenge, and that will make our kitchen area very dark. So I paint it white. I covered the back of the bookcases with a turquoise-colored wallpaper, with images of pink roses and birds. The best part is that I already have these furnitures in my house. I only invested in the white paint and in the time. I have owned all the other stuff already.

The result is a showcase that is only 30 cm deep, but now I can put all my teapot collection (and other kitchen stuff) in it.

Ima's World Showing off Miss Teapot

Ima's World Showing off Miss Teapot 2

Things I love – romantic moodboards

Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 1 Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 2 Purple Delight aluminium wall kitchen 3Ever since we have our new kitchen, the slightly rural romantic style that we had is gone. Our new kitchen is modern and minimalistic, yet a bit romantic and bold because of the XL-sized images of pink/purple orchids. I got this great kitchen wall from ‘’. And I gotta say: the blow-up version of these purple orchids really set the tone.

In this picture from ‘’ you can see the image more clearly (it’s the one with the white background, I chose white because our kitchen is rather dark and I can use all the help I can get catching the rare daylight).


So with a very modern high gloss white kitchen unit – and the rest of the furniture all white and a bit pink/purple – it is time for a make-over in my living room. So I’m thinking of romantic minimalism, with a palette of white, lightgrey, a dash of shocking pink and light turquoise. And okay, enough ‘manly’ touches for my PIL (Partner in Love) to enjoy the house too :).

It just so happens that I’ve found this website ( Although it’s a blog about wedding inspiration, I do love their moodboards so much. Even though they’re meant to be moodboards for different wedding themes, there’s no reason I can’t use it as an inspiration for my house, right? So far I’ve collected 3 moodboards which I think are minimalistic romantic. But then again, there are tons of moodboards.




Picture number 4 is from  All moodboards are from

I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea my dear

Sometimes you just take a look at your agenda and know that today is the day that you’re gonna visit an annual fair somewhere in Utrecht, for example. And then you go to the place where this fair’s supposed to, but it’s not there. Is it the wrong address? Is it the wrong date or time? Or are you just dreaming? Anyway, you just can’t figure it out anymore. But while you’re busy getting astray, you come across a second-hand store that you wanted to visit ages ago, but you haven’t visit before because back then, you couldn’t find it. Today was such a day for me. Luckily, the day was not a total loss, because I ran into this beautiful small tea set, just a slightly bigger than a children’s tea set. The beautiful teapot is about the right size for 500 ml tea, and the teacups are so tiny that it would be perfect for espresso or a café dopio. Hmm… maybe it’s an espresso set, disguised as a vintage tea set. I admit, the idea is lovely and I haven’t seen such espresso sets before.

Although I’m the lucky owner of a lot of teapots (unfortunately isn’t available, otherwise that would be the name of my blog, because teapots are my passion), and I have made an oath to myself to not buying anymore teapots until I have a decent show-case to display my collection, I just couldnt resist! Now I’m the proud owner of a complete tea set with a sugar-bowl and a milk jug. And it’s for such a small price, even for a second-hand. (Do you often have the feeling that since Julia Roberts wore her vintage Valentino to the Oscars, everything that’s second-hand got more expensive than it used or supposed to?)

So this is a part of my teapot-collection. Believe me, I have more, lots more.

I só need a showcase now.