White Wonders

Inspired by the ‘Being Blank photo diary’ of Birgitta de Vos, as seen in Happinez magazine 4, I took the liberty of taking pictures of only white things. What better way than to start at the national museum of – and the botanical garden in Utrecht, where the nature is in bloom. All things white, a wonderful white world. Suddenly I saw the world with different eyes. For the first time in my life I can’t wait to have a white winter. Thank you Birgitta, for the inspiration.

The pictures below are my own. For the Being Blank serie of Birgitta de Vos, you can visit her website here.

white wonders - nature

white wonders - architecture

white wonders - artwork

Last moodboard, clockwise:

  •  Jan Schoonhoven, “R9 – 33” – 1969. Painted paper-maché on hardboard, Central Museum Utrecht.
  •  Henry Moore, “Locking Piece” – 1971. Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
  • Tom Claassen, “Twee Heugemer Pony’s” – 2008 (2 Heugemer Pony’s). Kröller Muller museum
  • Woven fabric

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