A royal treat

The American have the fourth of July, the Irish have Saint Patrick’s Day. And the Dutch have Queen’s Day. Every year on April 30, the Dutch celebrate ‘Koninginnedag’ (queen’s day), a national holiday to commemorate the birthday of the country’s (former) queen. Everywhere in the country there are a lot of festivities, musics and street parties. Children and adults sell their junks on the street: they name it ‘the free market’, because only on this day the Dutch may sell things without a license. And the Netherlands is colored orange.

In the big cities the festivities start from April 29, at 6 p.m. Traditionally, Utrecht have one of the biggest free markets that also start at this hour. So last night I visit Utrecht’s free market until it got so dark that I couldn’t see a thing anymore. Then I went for a drink and a dance at one of the many street parties.

Here  are some of my Queen’s Day treasures.

I love music boxes, especially if it’s a Merry-Go-Round


A wooden fishing-game: I think this toy will be a wonderful gift for my niece and nephew. I can’t wait to give it to them.

Today I was about to celebrate Queen’s Day again with friends, but it turned out to be a very sunny and warm day. I was working in the garden, reading some books and decided that I’ve had my share of celebration for this year. I didn’t want to go to downtown in a very crowded place. So I cancelled my appointment and went on illustrating in my garden instead. Am I getting old? Probably. But after a drink of a cool pink lemonade I decided I made the right decision.

Even my orange cat Chelsea agrees with me to just have a lazy Queen’s Day in the sun


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