Meet Alice

Work in progress

“Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice very earnestly.

“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”

(Lewis Carroll (1865) Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 6)

Last lazy Sunday afternoon project: pimping an old and ugly teapot with fabric. I got the idea from the book ‘Everything Alice: the Wonderland book of makes and bakes’ by Hannah Read-Baldry and Christine Leech.

The book contains lots of arts and craft projects and recipes based on Lewis Carrol’s most beloved book, such as a cupcake sewing box, Mad Hatter Hats, March Hare tea cosy, Cheshire Cat-sandwiches and giant macarons. I intend to create a lot of these projects, starting from the fabric-coated teapot turned flowerpot

The instruction in the book suggests to use universal glue to apply the fabric on it’s surface. The problem with the teapot I chose is that it’s made of vitreous enamel. The result is that the fabric hardly stick to the surface. So I applied super glue at the tips of the fabric. Later, after I have done some research, I found out that Mod Podge is actually the best choice to work with. Or you can first paint the material with a base coat and then glue the fabric bars.

Teapot before

Teapot after

At first, I’m not really satisfied with the result, because I’m a perfectionist (something I have to let go).  But after two days I decided I shouldn’t be too hard on myself: after all vitreous enamel is a difficult material to work with.

If you want to pimp your own teapot, you need to have a fabric of aproximately 20”x20”. The other requirements are ofcourse a teapot, scissors, Mod Podge (or any other glue you like to work with), paintbrush (or any other applying material for the glue you choose) and varnish. Cut the fabric in bars of 2”x4”, glue it and apply on the surface.

Book image Everything Alice: fabric-coated teapot turned flowerpot

You can even pimp old furniture with fabric instead of paint. Use wallpaper glue instead of universal glue or Mod Podge.

Book image Everything Alice: fabric-coated furniture

Image of some of the loveliest creations of the book ‘Everything Alice’:

Book Image Everything Alice: dressing up Alice and White Rabbit

Book Image Everything Alice:
Left: the white rabbit-teddy.
Right: Teatime jewelry styled in a miniature dollhouse

PS: the site of Hannah and Christine provides some wonderful work of others with their own Alice creations. Just go to and click on the menu ‘Your Alice’.


3 thoughts on “Meet Alice

  1. Love the teapot! Really nice fabric and I’m glad you managed to solve the glue problem. You should send the picture to us and we’ll feature it in the gallery! Thanks for liking the book it means alot to us when we read blogs like this x C&H

  2. Loving the teapot, beautiful fabric. You whole send a picture to us and we’ll put it on he website. Thank you for liking the book. It means alot to us when we see blog posts like this! X C&H

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