Dear Diary

I found something! Actually, it found me.

Daphne’s Diary: the beautiful Victorian cottage of and handmade by Sandy Foster

I accidentally bumped into a magazine rack in a shop which name I’m not going to reveal. So a lot of magazines fell on the floor. As I knelt down to clean the mess I made, suddenly one of the magazines caught my attention. And before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor, reading that particular magazine instead of putting all the magazines back to the place where they belong. Until a sales-assistant came to me and asked if everything was allright…  Right… ofcourse sir, I’m allright. Ofcourse I’m allright, I always sit on the floor with a pile of magazines, reading. By the way: I’d like to buy this mag please… Don’t wrap it, it’s for me…

Daphne’s Diary: pictures of the ‘Pinksterfair’ (Whitsun fair) in Slot Zeist (a knight’s castle)

That magazine’s called Daphne’s Diary. It’s a diary in the form of a magazine. The mysterious Daphne published stories, experiences and pictures of her creative world of living, gardening, cooking, traveling, crafting and shopping. It is kinda like a blog in a rural and romantic style. The colour scheme is not blatant or intense, but soft, weathered and rustic. I like the style, it felt like the dreamhouse I haven’t dreamt of yet.

Image from Daphne’s Diary: brocante

Image from Daphne’s Diary: New Blue

One of these days I’m going to post my personal story to this mysterious Daphne. Maybe she’s crazy enough to publish it… ^^


(all image are at the courtesy of Daphne’s Diary itself (since my scanner is broke)

Image from Daphne’s Diary: your own story


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