The treasure Hunt

It always feels like home to your childhood when you  not only visit, but also stay at your parents’ house. Although it certainly is 15 years already since I moved out, still, you know exactly every inch and every corner of the home of your childhood place. In this place my sister and I pretended to be mannequins, in that corner stood my piano and in the hallway near the kitchen our dog used to sleep. Although things are different now, because my mum suddenly has so much space ever since her two daughters moved out and the dog has passed away, but this place will always be ‘my home’. Especially since there’s still evidence that this house once was housed by two young girls.

Childhood memories

There’s also another reason why I love this place. My mum is not exactly the world’s greatest decorator or homestylist in the world – I can think of someone who is least talented than she is – but people always give her stuff. Like me, she loves old and used things. And she likes getting them for free. With all the rooms to spare she has a lot of space to store all these gifts and junks. So everytime I visit her, it’s always a constant treasure hunt to see what kind of stuff she got lately.

Shabby (chic) frame and vintage medicine cabinet

My mum’s magnetcollection

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