Vintage Tea Party – Judge a book by its cover

On my last birthday I received a book called ‘The Vintage Tea Party Book’ by Angel Adoree (with a name like that you have to be famous, right?). I have seen this book before and I immediately fell in love, so you can imagine that I was thrilled to receive one as a birthday gift.

I fell in love with the cover of the book. Although some may say: ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’,  but truly the cover is amazing! The artwork – full of beautiful aquarels of old-style animals, is so inspiring!

The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree

The tea party itself is divided in three chapters: breakfast, afternoon tea and evening (I didn’t know such evening tea parties really exist). And if you think tea is only for the ladies, don’t worry lads: Angel has some recipes of alcoholic brews as well, with tea as a main ingredient. Besides recipes of very nice food and beverage, I really love the craft ideas. There are tutorials how to make your own invitations and thank you-cards, flags and curly aprons.

This Saturday I’m having my very own vintage tea party with two friends of mine. I intend to try some of the recipe in this book. With my tea-set collection the decoration wouldn’t be a problem. However, I can’t decide which recipe I’m going to choose!  The book is full with tasty sweets and drinks that it makes my hands itch, ready to try it all, although I´m sure in some recipe, there will be a challenge.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…


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