I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea my dear

Sometimes you just take a look at your agenda and know that today is the day that you’re gonna visit an annual fair somewhere in Utrecht, for example. And then you go to the place where this fair’s supposed to, but it’s not there. Is it the wrong address? Is it the wrong date or time? Or are you just dreaming? Anyway, you just can’t figure it out anymore. But while you’re busy getting astray, you come across a second-hand store that you wanted to visit ages ago, but you haven’t visit before because back then, you couldn’t find it. Today was such a day for me. Luckily, the day was not a total loss, because I ran into this beautiful small tea set, just a slightly bigger than a children’s tea set. The beautiful teapot is about the right size for 500 ml tea, and the teacups are so tiny that it would be perfect for espresso or a café dopio. Hmm… maybe it’s an espresso set, disguised as a vintage tea set. I admit, the idea is lovely and I haven’t seen such espresso sets before.

Although I’m the lucky owner of a lot of teapots (unfortunately missteapot.wordpress.com isn’t available, otherwise that would be the name of my blog, because teapots are my passion), and I have made an oath to myself to not buying anymore teapots until I have a decent show-case to display my collection, I just couldnt resist! Now I’m the proud owner of a complete tea set with a sugar-bowl and a milk jug. And it’s for such a small price, even for a second-hand. (Do you often have the feeling that since Julia Roberts wore her vintage Valentino to the Oscars, everything that’s second-hand got more expensive than it used or supposed to?)

So this is a part of my teapot-collection. Believe me, I have more, lots more.

I só need a showcase now.


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