Quirky birds and rolling fish – anything is possible

For a while I’m a member of postcrossing.com, a site where you can send and receive handwritten postcards from members of all over the world. Let’s face it: since internet and e-mail the handwritten cards and letters are at the brink of extinction. And projects such as postcrossing are a great way to honor this century-old tradition.

So every now and then I get a little treat when I receive a beautiful postcard. Postcards are small arts and very affordable. Combined with a beautiful stamp it will be worth a thousand pictures. Don’t worry, I won’t post every postcard I receive in here – therefor you can visit my postcardwall on postcrossing.com. But every now and then I’m going to share some of the loveliest postcard here on this blog.

Today I received two postcards. This is absolutely one of the cutest postcards I’ve received so far and I really really love it (yup, birds).

postcard The Owls by Santoro London

Of course I had to visit the website where the card’s supposed to be provided. It’s called Santoro-London.com and they really really have very nice stationary.

The other one is a thank you card from someone to whom I’ve sent a postcard of a lovely wannabe-mermaid the other day, an artistic drawing designed by one of my favorite webshops: La Marelle en Papier.

Isn’t it nice? So today I received a postcard from her as well, of wooden fish on wheels. Especially the message that she wrote ‘anything is possible, even fish on wheels’ made me smile. I think I’m going to draw a beautiful mermaid for her myself and send it to her ^^.


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