Diapercakes and Take-Away baby food

Exactly one month ago a dear colleague of mine have had her first babygirl. It’s just happened that today I’m going to visit the little baby and her mum, ofcourse I can’t come emptyhanded. So I decided to make a diapercake for her. I know that the new mama will appreciate gifts that are useful. But if you wrap it in a special way, the gift itself will become more special too, in my opinion. If you haven’t heard of diapercakes before, then here is a description. I rolled some diapers together, until I have 3 round creations – one bigger than the other – and then I put it on top of the other, just like a cake. Then I decorated the ‘cake’ with ribbons, stickers, small gifts and anything that I have in stock. Wrapped in cellophane foil and decorate it with ribbons and you have a very cool gift for a babyshower or maternity visit.

I have taken very cool pictures of my gift, but unfortunately I erased the pictures (/slaps myself). So I can’t show you the pictures. However, two months ago, when my colleague left for a maternity leave, I have treated her with a diaper cake and other gifts as well. Luckily I still have these pictures.

diaper cake made by Ima's WorldAs I said before: I love to giftwrap things in a special way. This one is actually a washing-powder that I wrapped in an old Chinese Newspaper. I love Chinese, Japanese and Arabian newspapers for their beautiful typography. Again I decorated it with other beautiful and colorful papers and ribbons, and a very small note. Yes, I gave her a neutral washing-powder, because when it comes to babies, you can’t have enough washing-powders, right? 

I have bought jars of babyfood and put it in a Thai take-out box that I cut and fold myself. Then I printed a ‘logo’ of a fictional take-away restaurant wich I named ‘The Baby Food Factory’ and paste it on the take-out box. I googled an image for this label, so it’s not my own creation. The cutting and folding of the boxes took most of my time.

For a take-out box you need an iron wire for the grip. But I didn’t have iron wires. Instead I made a grip out of ribbons. It added a fun and colorful touch.

If you want to make these take-out boxes yourself, Mirkwood Designs provides a very good template and a good instruction.


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