A trip down memory lane in Deventer

Even though I live in the heart of the Netherlands (Utrecht), but the small town Deventer will always have a special place in my heart. After all, I had lived in this town almost all my life, so I know my way around there. Some of you may wonder: ‘what’s so special about Deventer?’And others will simply ask ‘where on earth is this place?’. Well, to answer the last question first: Deventer is in the east of the Netherlands. Just google it ;). And what’s so special about it? Well, even though Deventer is small by size, it has large events, such as the biggest bookmarket in Europe, Deventer on stilts (international stiltperformers and streetartists) and of course the Charles Dickens festival around christmas. But Deventer is also known for it’s little things in life. For example: the many whimsical and artistic shops, the beautiful sightseeings and the best house I’ve ever had and now I don’t have anymore (but that’s another story).

bagels restaurant in Deventer

When I visit Deventer, I always go to ‘A taste of Honey’, an inspiring and delightful corner where you can have a nice pot of tea served in vintage china, delicious bagels and the best (pricewinning) homemade applepie in the Netherlands. Just like today, Stephan, the host of this place, greet me with a warm welcome and a ‘we’ve-missed-you-around-you-haven’t-been-here-for-aaaaaages’-chitchat. That’s so nice about a small town, where you’re not thát anonymous. Too bad the restaurant dog Miller is not in the house.

And just like today I ran into a brand new store in this small town, called ‘Hemelse Hebbedingen’ (heavenly goodies). It’s a great store where they sell the best looking shoes and clothes ever, and stuff of Papaya Art! Woohoo… I’m crazed about Papaya Art, so every store that sells some of their items, is always a winner for me. I couldn’t help but buying something from Papaya. This time a lovely storage can with 18 postcards of birds in it. I’m a sucker for postcards, hence for my postcrossing.com membership. I’m also a sucker for birds: they’re one of my biggest inspiration. And I’m a sucker for nice storage cans with nice shapes and art. So you can see why I had to buy it.

lovely whimsical birdslovely bird arts from Papaya Art


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